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Special Announcement!

Our mailing list and discussion group is in the process of moving from Yahoo! to The migration should be complete in a few days. To minimize the chance that information is lost in the move, we’ve disabled posts and signups to the old Yahoo! group. If you had an account on the Yahoo! site, your account and information will me migrated to the new site, and you’ll be able to post again once the migration is complete. All our old content is still available on the old Yahoo! site in the interim.

If you were not on the old Yahoo! group and want to join, head on over to and sign up!

Welcome to the website of the Santa Cruz Beekeepers Guild.

We are a loosely organized group of beekeepers in the Santa Cruz area. Most of us are hobbyists, but some of us include beekeeping as part of their professional livelihoods. We come from all walks of life and have a wide range of hands-on knowledge in the apiary, from first-year beekeepers to seasoned “experts” with several years of experience from which we can all learn. Anyone interested in bees and/or beekeeping is welcome to join us.

We gather monthly to share our recent experiences with the craft of beekeeping and to learn from guest speakers. Our informal meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month. Details can be found on the meetings page.

We also maintain a group and mailing list where members can share information, ask questions, get advice, and arrange to buy or sell equipment. We invite you to sign up and join the discussions!