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April Guild meeting this Wednesday

The April guild meeting is this Wednesday. In addition to the regular topics, we’ll be discussing splits.

Also, please be sure to note the parking information on the meeting page. At the March meeting things got a bit tight in the Lenz lot, and we almost blocked in some employees. Andrew Lenz, Jr., the owner, has told us we are welcome to use the lot after hours, but please follow these guidelines:

Never block any cars in the Lenz Arts lot.

Staff sometimes stays until 7 p.m. and a number park behind the building (behind the chain link fence). Please keep the fence area clear so employees can get out.

We may use the Lenz Arts lot on the following conditions:
– Any parking in the lot really should be after 6:10 p.m. and
MUST, MUST be after 6 p.m. (Earlier runs the risk of towing.)
– Absolutely no blocking egress of ANY vehicle*
– No parking anywhere along the fence where it says “No parking”.
*Never assume that all cars in the lot are beekeeper cars since they are typically not.

Thanks for your help and cooperation.

See you Wednesday!