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Local Suppliers

Below are links to some local beekeeping supply sources. This list is by no means exhaustive, but should get you started.

Mountain Feed and Farm Supply

Mountain Feed is located in Ben Lomond and carries a full line of beekeeping supplies. They also have beekeeping classes. They are the go-to local supplier for “must have it now” beekeeping equipment. One of our Guild members (Karla) manages the beekeeping department for Mountain Feed, and is a great resource for getting started.

Wings of Nature

Wings of Nature is a locally owned company that offers a range of services related to regenerative beekeeping and honey production. They sell queen bees, nucs, and package bees to beekeepers across the West, as well as artisanal raw honey, pollen, propolis tinctures, and beeswax candles. They also provide hive hosting, workshops, consulting, and commercial pollination services. They are committed to natural practices and approaches that support the health and diversity of bees and the environment.

Santa Cruz Bee Company

The Santa Cruz Bee Company is a locally owned, full-service hive management company that offers a comprehensive range of beekeeping services. They provide regular inspections, treatments, and maintenance for hives in the SF and Monterey Bay Area. In addition to hive management, they offer educational resources including beginner and advanced beekeeping classes, one-on-one mentorship, and consultation for new beekeepers. They also host hive tours and honey tastings for school groups and corporate events. Furthermore, they sell local honey, beeswax, propolis, and other bee products, as well as equipment and supplies for beekeepers. Their commitment to the local community and the environment is evident in their sustainable practices and educational outreach.