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Photos and Videos

Inside the Hive:

A closeup of workers on new wax.

Workers on Comb


A few images from the inspection of a new, growing hive.

What’s that in my hive?

Queen Cells

Queen Cells


Reference images for new beekeepers. You should be able to identify these in your hive during inspections.

 Orienting vs. Swarming

Two hives orienting

Two hives orienting.


If there lots of bees on the outside of your hive and more bees than normal in the air, don’t panic. They’re probably just orienting (but they might be swarming). Take a look at these videos to see the difference.

Varroa Mites

Varroa mite (about 2mm across)

Varroa mite (about 2mm across)


Here are a few pictures of the dreaded Varroa Mite.