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Below are links to some local and national beekeeping supply sources. This list is by no means exhaustive, but should get you started.

Mountain Feed and Farm Supply

Mountain Feed is located in Ben Lomond and carries a full line of beekeeping supplies. They also have beekeeping classes. They are the go-to local supplier for “must have it now” beekeeping equipment. One of our Guild members (Karla) manages the beekeeping department for Mountain Feed, and is a great resource for getting started.

Mann Lake, Ltd

Mann lake is a national supplier for commercial and hobbyist beekeepers. The are based in Hakensack, MN, and have a large warehouse/distribution center in Woodland, CA. They have free shipping on orders over $100, and some guild members frequently are in the Sacramento area, and can sometimes pick up orders at the Woodland location.

Dadant & Sons

Dadant & Sons is a national supplier for commercial and hobbist beekeepers. The company, founded by Charles Dadant in 1863, is one of the oldest beekeeping supply houses in the U.S. Their nearest warehouses/distribution centers are in Chico, CA and Fresno, CA.

Brushy Mountain Bee Farm

Brushy Mountain supplies high-quality equipment, mostly to the hobbiest beekeeping community. They are located in North Carolina. Mountain Feed in Ben Lomond carries many of the Brushy Mountain products.

California Bee Company

Owned by Jeremy Rose, author of Beekeeping in Costal California, the California Bee Company supplies package bees, nucleus hives, full hives and queens. They are located in San Luis Obispo, CA.

Honeybee Genetics

Honeybee Genetics is a queen breeder and also supplies package bees. Their queens include Taber Hybrid Italians and Russian Carniolans. Queens are available from approximately April through June. They are located in Vacaville, CA.

Chick n Bees

Chick n Bees is a provider of bee and chicken supplies located in Los Gatos, CA. They have a brick & mortar store as well as an online store.